The Ultimate Content Curator Job Description

Content content curator job description

Content creation teams are increasingly multifaceted, with multiple professionals handling different segments of the content strategy. In an increasingly content-driven online environment, there is a growing demand for a content curator to collect and manage relevant materials online. A content curator job description can help you locate the right professional for your team, and we’ve included one here. 

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What is a Content Curator?

A content curator locates, organizes, and distributes digital assets from across the internet to meet the needs of a specific audience. 

This professional is a combination of a data manager, librarian, archivist, and niche enthusiast. All of this content is organized and then used in concert with in-house content to promote the business’s content marketing strategy. 

What Does a Content Curator Do?

The content curator’s goal is to build a high-quality collection of content that can be shared via email lists, social channels, or blogs. 

Content curators are distinct from editors because they primarily source their content from external sources. An editor’s main job is to fine-tune content produced by the in-house team and prepare it for publication. Sometimes, these two jobs are combined on smaller content teams.

Why Are Content Curators Important?

Content curators can serve an important role in positioning your business as a thought leader. 

A skilled content curator can quickly sort through the massive amounts of information on the internet to identify which content will be of interest to your audience. Over time, this positions your business as an authority in your niche, bringing your audience back to you because they know they will find quality information that serves their interest. 

Skills and Characteristics of a Good Content Curator

Competent content curators sit at the intersection of a number of different proficiencies: tech, information management, journalism, and marketing are all components of a content curator job description. 

It takes a particular type of professional to be successful in this role. Here are some of the top markers of a great content curator. 

Content Curators are Curious

Much of a content curator’s time is spent scouring the internet for relevant assets that will help their company’s content strategy. Natural researchers who love traveling down informational rabbit holes and discovering hidden gems will be a natural fit for this job. 

They Want to Share Information

Content curators need to be others-focused. Even though they spend a lot of time behind a screen working with information organizational systems or researching new content, this is primarily a customer service role. A good content curator will identify new assets that serve the needs of their audience - ideally, content that their audience didn’t even know they would be interested in until it was shared with them. 

Content Curators Must Be Ethical and Transparent

Sourcing content from across the internet requires careful compliance to intellectual property laws and building good relationships with external and internal sources and organizations. Content creators want to be treated well, or they may not share their media any longer.

Content curators should do their utmost to accurately cite and source all of their content and obtain consent for anything they share online. They should be good organizers who can keep the origin and owner of each asset documented in the company’s CMS so it can be easily accessed by other team members at any time. 

Additionally, they should strive for transparency in the media they share with their audience. It should never appear like the business is attempting to take credit for content it did not produce. 

They Have Industry Knowledge and Experience

A content creator is crafting a database of sources that are designed to benefit a particular community or following. It is a must that this person actually understands the group of people for whom he is curating content. 

This usually means that the content curator has previous industry experience. For example, a content curator for a TikTok marketing company should have previous social media marketing experience, while a higher education content curator might have a background in academia. 

Content Curators are Clear Communicators

An outstanding content curator possesses both hard and soft skills. Though they need to be experts at organization and understanding digital media, they also work with a wide variety of other professionals.

Content curators should be able to clearly explain their reasoning behind the assets they choose and how they will benefit the company. Not only should they know their way around analytics and KPIs, but they should also be able to clearly report those results and make recommendations to the rest of the marketing team and possibly even C-level managers.

They Stay Up-to-Date

Content curation practices are constantly changing. A good content curator can keep up with new technologies and trends to keep the business on the leading edge. 

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Content Curator Job Description

If you’ve taken a look at your content strategy and realized that it could benefit from a content curator, we can help you get started. 

Take a look at the content curator job description below for a thorough explanation of what does a content curator do, what a content curator salary might look like, and a list of responsibilities. Edit the details to reflect your company’s needs, and you will be well on your way to strengthening your content marketing strategy. 

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Job Summary

We are seeking a Digital Content Curator to research and compile credible, relevant, high-quality video, stories, journalistic pieces, and images for inclusion in our online database and distribution across our promotional channels, with the goal of building engagement across our network. The ideal candidate will possess a comprehensive knowledge of social media, demonstrated editorial judgment, and familiarity with Gen-Z online culture [or your targeted audience demographic]. Additionally, the content curator will operate with the highest level of professionalism and integrity when securing the rights to digital assets. This individual will work closely with our marketing and tech teams to test and track the performance of our overall content strategy. This position reports to the Content Manager. 


The Digital Content Curator will have the following responsibilities: 

  • Conduct in-depth research to identify digital assets that align with our brand voice and marketing goals. These will include video, stories, journalistic pieces, images, and any other relevant content types. 
  • Maintain a high level of professionalism and integrity while securing necessary rights to digital assets.
  • Catalog and store digital assets in our CMS for easy access across teams.
  • Maintain accessibility and security of digital assets across teams; including editing and discarding outdated content.
  • Troubleshoot access to digital assets and compatibility issues across publishing platforms.
  • Analyze content consumption across all platforms and make recommendations to the marketing team.
  • Create and maintain a content-sharing schedule across our email newsletter, TikTok, and Instagram channels.
  • Work closely with the content creators and social media specialists on our team to develop and maintain a continuously-optimizing content strategy.
  • Research emerging technologies and best practices in content creation, storage, security, and intellectual property.

Preferred Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s in Marketing, Communication, or  Information Technology preferred. 
  • At least 1 year of social media marketing experience.
  • At least 1 year of content management experience.
  • Superior written communication skills.
  • Familiarity with content management systems, including social scheduling tools.
  • Experience evaluating data and drawing sound conclusions and recommendations; experience with analytics tools a plus.
  • Able to communicate clearly and work effectively with cross-disciplinary teams.
  • Strong desire for continuous improvement and learning; lifelong student.
  • Comfortable with research and information architecture.
  • Content curator salary: $43,000/year or commensurate with experience.

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