The 12 Best Interactive Post Ideas for Facebook in 2021

Content interactive posts

As the most popular social media platform worldwide, Facebook is close to reaching 3 billion unique users. Between sheer numbers and frequent algorithm changes, it is increasingly difficult for brands to maintain engagement. Interactive posts are crucial to making your brand stand out from the crowd and work with the algorithm, instead of against it.

What Are Interactive Posts?

Content that encourages users to click, react, comment, or otherwise participate is considered interactive.

Interactive posts are distinguished from static posts, which the user views and then scrolls past without taking action.

Why Do You Need to Create Interactive Facebook Posts?

Recent Facebook algorithm changes have dramatically altered how content is presented to Facebook users.

Content is no longer presented chronologically to users. Instead, Facebook maintains a record of everything a user has interacted with (reacted, clicked, or commented) in the past. Interaction with a post is assumed to mean that the user is highly interested in this type of content, so the algorithm presents similar content in the future.

In other words, the Facebook algorithm tries to show users the most relevant content, not the most recent. 

If you can get users to interact regularly with your posts, then the Facebook algorithm will present more of your posts to users in the future. 

Interactive posts encourage engagement, which means potential or existing customers will see your posts more often on Facebook.

If you need some interactive Facebook post ideas, keep reading.

Examples of Interactive Posts for Facebook

Encouraging Facebook users to interact with your posts will ensure that they stay engaged with your brand and that your content doesn’t get lost in crowded feeds.

So, what kind of content encourages interaction on Facebook? We’ve rounded up some of the best-performing types of interactive posts along with examples and interactive post ideas. Try including posts like these into your Facebook strategy and see how it affects your engagement and reach.

#1 - Storytelling Posts

Facebook has the advantage of longer-form content than Instagram or Twitter. You can effectively use Facebook to share your brand’s story with your followers. 

Talking about the founding of your brand, your core values, or why you believe in your mission engages your followers on an emotional level. 

Eventually, customers who develop a strong emotional connection with a brand are more likely to purchase, recommend to others, and return to the brand frequently. 
Storytelling posts are even more effective when presented as videos. 

A brand that does this consistently well is TOMS.

toms shoes facebook

toms facebook post

TOMS Shoes has a consistent brand identity and mission - they donate one pair of shoes for every pair purchased.

They used this post to more fully detail how they fulfill their identity as a socially and environmentally conscious brand. 

The post design is eye-catching, and the text encourages positive feelings toward the brand that is more likely to lead to engagement.

#2 - Quizzes

A fun and lighthearted interactive Facebook post, quizzes invite followers to click on the post and fill out a short questionnaire. 

Quizzes should be on brand and connect back to your business’s products or services. Playing on familiar formats like pop culture characters or personality types usually grabs attention and drives clicks. 

This post from Masterpeace Coaching asks Facebook users to take a 2-minute quiz to find out what their “client attraction superpower” is.

masterpeace coaching

masterpeace coaching facebook post

The quiz then requires an email address so the user can download a free guide (lead magnet) to further understand their results. This helps the brand build its subscription list. 

You don’t need to add this step - simply offering a popular quiz already boosts your brand’s profile in the algorithm if it receives clicks. 

#3 - BTS (Behind-The-Scenes Posts)

Inspiring trust is crucial to building customer engagement and loyalty. Behind-the-scenes posts work well as Facebook interactive posts because followers feel more closely connected to the real people in the photos. 

The staffing agency Creative Circle does this by sharing photos of their team-building moments. This encourages their Facebook followers to see them as a team of encouraging, kind people.

creative circle facebook post

Other BTS post ideas include encouraging reactions and comments with your captions - “say hello to Tom working on product design,” or “here is Charlie the cat keeping our team busy. Who is your furry coworker today? Let us know in the comments!”

#4 - Videos

Video is crucial to the highest-performing Facebook strategies. On average, Facebook videos receive 59% more clicks than images, making them the most interactive Facebook posts. 

To encourage clicks, your Facebook videos should grab viewer attention within the first 3 seconds and, ideally, include a call-to-action at the end. 

Take this video ad from Google:

google video ad

There’s nothing in the video that couldn’t be communicated in a static image or even a text-only post. But the video is more effective as an interactive Facebook post because the eye-catching graphics encourage you to stop scrolling and click through to learn more about what Google Ads is offering to you.

#5 - Fun Product Photos

Coming up with unique ways to showcase your product can be difficult - even more so if you are a service-based business. 

Creating interactive posts for Facebook that showcase your offerings in a unique or creative way is more likely to get you likes and comments, and therefore keep your brand in front of followers in the future. 

Product photos should align with your brand voice. For example, if you offer a premium product, then followers should see your products being used in an aspirational way. This creates an emotional connection that encourages further interaction with your brand.

Dunkin Donuts uses a quirky photo of their donuts and iced coffee to grab the attention of followers and remind them of their most recent promotion.

dunkin donuts

dunkin donuts facebook post

Everyone knows that Dunkin sells donuts and coffee - this is not novel information. But since it is presented in a creative way, followers are more likely to interact. 

While it likely won’t generate as much of a response as a quiz or game, even a passing like or reaction helps your brand with Facebook’s algorithm.

#6 - Tips and Advice

Customers increasingly want to interact with brands and personalities who provide value without constantly trying to close a sale.

Here are some ideas for interactive posts for social media  that can add value to your readers and boost engagement: 

  • Did you know
  • Tips on how to use your product
  • Industry news or trends
  • Advice on trending topics that matter to your audience

These kinds of posts can be strengthened by asking your audience to comment with their favorite tip or advice. You should tailor the post to the things your audience cares about - if you’re speaking to small business owners you might consider offering advice on time management, marketing, or networking.

Indeed does this well with their recent post offering interview tips:

indeed tips

Their audience is job seekers. Knowing how to answer interview questions well is a pressing question for this group, and Indeed offers free advice that meets this need.

This is a good example of interactive posts because the post links out to an article - followers must click to read the rest of the content. This is more effective than simply writing a long Facebook that followers can read without interacting.

#7 - How To’s

Similar to the tips and advice interactive posts, how-tos must be related to your niche but don’t necessarily need to be specifically about your own products and services. Ideally, your how-tos should feed your audience back to your business.

Take this post that SEOptimer published recently. 

seoptimer blog article

Their article offers a how-to on optimizing CPC results. This is useful information for digital marketing specialists, so they are likely to click through to access this how-to, making it a good interactive post.

#8 - Games 

Games make great interactive posts for Facebook. This can take a bit more time, but the engagement is well worth it. 

People love games, even simple ones. Consider creating a branded game that your followers can engage with on Facebook.

  • Word searches
  • Word scrambles
  • Bingo
  • Emoji games
  • Share a photo

These all boost engagement because followers must interact to participate in the game. People enjoy seeing others’ answers and you can incorporate discount codes or giveaways into the game to boost engagement even more.

social media post game

These games don’t need to be complex - seasonal or holiday-themed emoji games don’t take much time to interact with and can easily be customized to reflect your brand.

#9 - Contests and Giveaways

People love to win. Creating even small giveaways by offering a discount code or a free sample can be great for Facebook interactive posts. 

This coffee company offered a clever contest: guess one of the new coffee flavors to win a free coffee sample.

cusa tea and coffee facebook giveaway

Not only will followers comment on the photo for a chance to win, but they may also click through the post to read about some of the brand’s current flavors to make a more educated guess. This drives interaction on two fronts - clicks and comments.

#10 - Questions and Polls

Questions and polls are effective ways to engage with your audience and there are endless variations. 

People like to share their opinions, and your questions can be themed around new or featured product offerings to help build a sense of community. 

Domino’s Pizza uses this strategy regularly. 

dominos pizza

The fill-in-the-blank format is halfway between a question and a game post. It provides some variation from standard questions and encourages followers to comment.

Questions and polls can also encourage followers to interact with emojis or choose between two options. 

Polls are also popular around political elections or music and film award season, like the Emmys and Oscars. 

You can also format the question to involve your followers in your product or service development phase. Asking what new colors customers would like to see an existing product in, for example, can provide valuable information to your product development process. 

#11 - Testimonials

Over 90% of consumers say that they read online reviews before buying, and positive testimonials overwhelmingly increase the trust that people have in a product or brand.

Interactive posts for Facebook are a great place to place customer reviews and testimonials. 

bose interactive facebook post

Bose includes several kinds of testimonials on their Facebook page. Many of them are minimalistic, like the one above. Other testimonials, like the one below, show customers using the product.

bose facebook post

Links to the product listing and to the customer’s Instagram account encourage click-throughs. Testimonials are also a great place to solicit comments; asking customers how they use your products.

To include those who haven’t purchased yet, consider asking their biggest challenge or goals - for Bose, this could be asking where followers would take their new headphones. 

#12 - Infographics & Industry Whitepapers

Infographics are perennially strong performers. When done well, they are incredibly effective at simplifying complex information and using images to help followers grasp the message quickly. 

If your business is in a technical or jargon-laden field, consider using infographics to quickly deliver information.

This horticulture training course uses infographics to increase engagement on their page with a seasonal topic - apple varieties in the fall. 

infographics as facebook posts

White papers are most effective when they are niche-specific

This type of content is educational and persuasive and seeks to meet a specific need of your audience. You can offer free white paper downloads as interactive posts on Facebook - pose the question or problem in your post, and then encourage a click so your follower can download the free whitepaper. 

accenture whitepaper

Businesses that offer consulting services, like Accenture, often provide free white papers to increase trust in and reliance upon their brand. These types of freebies make good interactive posts for social media because they target the most engaged portion of your audience -those who are already in the sub-field that your business markets to. 

Why You Need to Implement Interactive Posts

Today’s Facebook climate is increasingly competitive. Even amid the rise of other popular social media platforms, Facebook still remains a force to be reckoned with across all age demographics. 

Though Facebook’s algorithm will likely see ongoing changes, it will likely continue to prioritize follower engagement with brands. Interactive Facebook posts are a key way to keep your engagement strong and build a committed following on Facebook - try out some of our interactive post ideas to help your engagement. 

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