7 Reasons to Hire a Social Media Coordinator

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What is a social media coordinator, and why does your brand need one? If your marketing team is struggling to keep up with multiple social media challenges, it might be time to add a social media coordinator to your team.

What Does a Social Media Coordinator Do?

This marketing professional is responsible for everything relating to social media for your brand.

This usually includes:

  • Researching social media trends
  • Creating content for social channels
  • Responding to comments and queries 
  • Monitoring social channels 
  • Optimizing posts for SEO
  • Monitor analytics 
  • Identifying and working with influencers

Social Media Coordinator Skills

Social media coordinators need a variety of hard and soft skills to do their jobs well. 

While an educational background in marketing is often helpful, it’s more significant to have proven experience balancing social channels in a responsive way. 

Your business may need a professional at different career levels to handle different stages of developing a social media strategy. Creating an online presence from scratch may require a more seasoned expert, whereas maintaining an existing strategy and managing comments and scheduling is usually considered a more entry-level role. 

Social media coordinator skills usually include: 

  • Writing 
  • Outreach & relationship building 
  • Digital design
  • Photography
  • Customer service
  • Organization 
  • Ability to follow trends and cultural happenings
  • Analytics use and interpretation 
  • Teamwork 

Depending upon the company, social media managers may also need industry-specific skills as well. 

7 Reasons Why You Need a Social Media Coordinator 

What does a social media coordinator do to make the business owner’s life easier? Here are just a few of the ways a social media coordinator can make your business more agile, responsible, and productive.

#1 - Social Media Coordinators Save the Business Owner Time and Energy

Small business owners are notorious for working excessive hours and managing multiple departments within their business almost single-handedly

Hiring a social media marketing coordinator can dramatically decrease the business owner’s workload. This person takes over the time-consuming responsibilities of posting, responding, reporting, and managing the brand’s social presence, freeing the business owner for other responsibilities. 

#2 - Social Media Coordinators Increases the Business’s Online Presence 

Social media has an increasing presence and power in consumers’ lives. According to Oberlo, over half of social media browsers use their favorite channels to research products, and 71% of people who have a good experience on social media will recommend that brand to their friends. 

Your business can take advantage of this customer behavior by increasing its online presence. Hiring a social media coordinator positions your business to get the maximum impact from this expansion. 

#3 - Social Media Coordinators Create Hype around New Products & Services

Generating excitement over a new product launch or expanded services doesn't happen automatically. Social media coordinators can create hype on your channels in several ways: 

  • Developing custom hashtags
  • Running photo competitions 
  • Soliciting customer testimonials
  • Featuring new products used in real life
  • Commenting on customer questions or encouraging excitement 
  • Running sponsored campaigns with influencers
  • Teaming up with similar brands
  • Hosting giveaways 

All these efforts build awareness around a new product or service. 

Newly launched product 

#4 - Social Media Coordinators Engage with Your Audience 

Social media coordinator skills include content creation but are also about building relationships. 

According to a recent study, 71% of brands want to use social media to build a more engaged community. We all know that it’s better to keep a current customer than try to create a new one, and brand loyalty is a huge factor in that process. 

A few primary ways social media managers do this: 

  • Respond to comments
  • Help customers
  • Share user-generated content 

Customers tend to expect quick communication via social channels. If customer questions or comments go unanswered for a long period of time, the brand appears disengaged or uninterested in helping customers. 

By contrast, quick responses to comments can boost engagement. This ultimately helps your posts rank higher in the algorithms which put your business on more people’s home feed.  

Social media managers can further boost engagement by encouraging customers to tag the brand in their posts. This allows the manager to see the posts and repost them - further building credibility and trust in the brand.

#5 - Social Media Coordinators Create Original, Engaging Content

Businesses are generally expected to post frequently for maximum impact:

  • 3-5x/week on Instagram
  • 1 post per day on Facebook
  • As often as possible on Twitter 
  • 1-2x/week on YouTube

Though you may not be present on each of these channels, generating high-quality content for even one or two platforms takes time. 

A dedicated social media coordinator can invest time and creative energy into producing engaging content that advances your business goals. 
Hello Fresh Twitter post

#6 Social Media Coordinators can Develop a Consistent Content Schedule 

Simply posting random content every so often will not achieve any of your business goals. Social media coordinator duties can include maintaining your schedule, usually in the form of a content calendar, which organizes your social strategy.

Some functions of a content calendar include: 

  • Scheduling social tasks
  • Planning campaigns
  • Defining goals 
  • Assigning duties
  • Ensuring accountability 

Since good social content takes time to plan, create, and promote, a content calendar is an important tool to make sure your social strategy is working towards predetermined goals in an organized manner. 

Ideally, the social media content calendar should be scheduled out quarterly so the entire marketing team can develop and track goals and campaigns. 

Content calendar

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

#7 Social Media Coordinators Stay Up-To-Date

Social media platforms are dynamic. A strategy that may have performed wonderfully a year ago will fail if a new algorithm change renders it obsolete.

A good social media coordinator monitors changes and trends in the social platforms that your business uses. He also researches how other social media specialists are achieving success and what new strategies he can bring to the company.

Social media is a dynamic environment - sometimes a meme, joke, or trend will take off in the news and staying on top of these fads can gain your business visibility that it didn’t have before. 

Finally, a social media coordinator keeps on top of tools that can help the overall social strategy - including social schedulers, analytics tools, and design tools. 

Social Media Coordinator Job Description Template - FREE 

Defining what is a social media coordinator’s role and purpose in your business is crucial to identifying the right candidate. 

There is often confusion about what social media coordinator duties include - as we’ve indicated above, it involves far more than simply scrolling through a feed and answering comments all day! 

When you are developing a job description for prospective applicants, it’s a good idea to answer the following questions:

  • What is the goal of our social strategy?
  • Which platform(s) do we prioritize? 
  • Should we post more often?
  • Do we want to maintain or grow our presence? 
  • Do we already have a consistent brand voice on social media? 

These questions will help you define exactly what you want this professional to do for your business. 

The following is a template for a job description - you should tailor it to your unique business needs and goals. 

Social Media Coordinator Job Description - Intro 

ABC Company is searching for a motivated and experienced social media coordinator to join our team in Anywhere, USA! This individual will be a valuable member of our marketing team by owning our social media presence across multiple channels. 

We are looking for an organized, collaborative professional who will represent our brand values and build engagement across multiple social media platforms, including Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. 

About Us
[tailor this section to showcase your unique values and history - show why the candidate should want to join your team!] 

ABC Company is a rapidly growing app development company based in Anywhere, USA. We pride ourselves on involving customer feedback in every step of the creative process, from conceptualizing new products and services to fixing bugs as soon as we find them. 

Our team is built on collaboration and communication. Everyone who comes to work with us is part of getting the best possible apps out into the world, and we pride ourselves on building strong working relationships. 

Social Media Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities

Here’s what you’ll be doing as our new Social Media Coordinator:

  • Creating and managing a dynamic Content Calendar
  • Build engagement across social platforms, including Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook 
  • Quickly respond to customer queries and comments 
  • Maintain consistent brand voice across a multi-platform social strategy
  • Leverage SEO and SEM strategies 
  • Managing social media campaigns from conception to execution 
  • Research competitors’ social media presence 
  • Stay on top of changes to social media algorithms, trends, and best practices 
  • Compile and manage data using Upflow social scheduling tool
  • Collaborate with the marketing and sales team 

Social Media Coordinator Job Requirements and Education 

  • Social media coordinator skills should include: 
  • Strong copywriting and copyediting skills
  • Excellent cross-team communicator 
  • Proficient in web design tools; Adobe Creative Suite experience a plus 
  • SEO and SEM experience 
  • 1-3 years managing multi-channel social campaigns 
  • Experience with Microsoft Office Suite
  • 1-3 years direct experience with social media scheduling tools 

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Communications, or a related field preferred. 

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