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Internships are a perfect opportunity for both employer and intern. Employers gain much-needed help around the office and a pipeline to future talent, while interns receive invaluable on-the-job training that can’t be replicated in a classroom. A social media intern can be the perfect position to add to your marketing team, and we’ll explain how to clearly lay out the requirements for the position so everyone has the best experience possible. 

What Does a Social Media Intern Do?

Businesses function best when there are clear expectations for everyone. Your social media intern job description should be detailed and specific to your organization. 

Social media intern duties often include:

  • Monitoring comments on social channels
  • Creating/managing a content calendar
  • Responding to comments 
  • Managing analytics 
  • Creating social media copy
  • Designing graphics
  • Photography/videography 
  • Works with a content creator or social media manager 
  • Pitches ideas for campaigns or content 
  • Attends business events and posts about them 
  • Learns new tools/participates in training

Remember, this will likely be the first professional position for your intern. Don’t expect anything to be “obvious” or “common sense” about the job - after all, they are new to this. 

Why Should You Hire a Social Media Intern?

There are short-term and long-term benefits to hiring an intern. 

In the short term, a social media intern can remove some pressure from your marketing manager. Social media management is time-consuming. Scheduling content and responding to comments are vital to your social strategy, but are also something that a social media marketing intern can be trained to do. This frees up the full-time marketing team for higher-level tasks, like strategy or content curation. 

In the long term, offering internships is a great way to recruit talented young professionals to your organization. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, 56.1% of interns end up accepting full-time jobs where they completed their internship.

How to Hire a Social Media Intern?

Most internship candidates do not have extensive networking connections, so your best chance of identifying exceptional candidates is to go out and find them. Good places to recruit social media marketing interns include:

  • College job fairs
  • Online job boards like Indeed or LinkedIn 
  • Professional connections with professors/teachers in local colleges 
  • Post the opening directly on your organization’s website 
  • Promote the internship opportunity on social media 

college lecture hall
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Make sure you have a clear social media intern job description written before you advertise the job- you have the best chance of receiving qualified applicants if you are clear about your desired qualifications and job duties. 

Social Media Intern Interview Questions

While internships are entry-level, they are not unskilled positions. A prospective intern should have a reasonable understanding of social media marketing strategy in general and your brand in particular. 

To determine if a candidate is a good fit, here are some of the top social media intern interview questions that can be tailored to fit your organization. 

What is Your Favorite Social Media Platform? Why?

This shows the candidate’s familiarity with different platforms and determines if they have experience with your organization’s prioritized channels. 

What is Your Least Favorite Social Media Platform? Why?

Similarly, this question shows mismatches between the workplace and the intern’s focus. If they prefer YouTube video content and you need B2B LinkedIn posts, it may not be the happiest match for either of you.

In Your Opinion, What Is the Most Important Aspect of a Social Media Campaign and Post?

This shows how well the social media intern candidate knows the marketing field. If they are in the final years of a marketing, business, or communications degree, they should be able to articulate the components of a good campaign and post clearly. 

If You Had a Limited Social Media Marketing Budget, What Type of Campaign Would You Create?

While your social media marketing intern likely won’t be making the budget allocation, this gives them the chance to show their creativity. After all, someday they will be a fully-fledged marketing professional making these decisions, so it’s good to provide some opportunity to pitch ideas in a low-risk environment. 

social media budget

Image source: SproutSocial

What Is Your Favorite Social Media Marketing Tool?

Using scheduling, design, and content curation tools is a big part of social media marketing. This question gauges how much the candidate already knows about these tools, and what they will need to be taught during the internship. 

How Would You Improve Our Social Media Marketing Campaigns?

Ideally, your candidate has researched your organization and really wants to work there. A good response shows that the candidate understands your existing campaigns and has ideas to bring. 

How Would You Handle a Negative Comment From a Follower on Social Media?

This is possibly the most important question. Marketers respond with professionalism to negative comments, so you need to see that your intern won’t hurt the brand by engaging in heated arguments online. 

Example Tasks Your Social Media Intern Should Do

content calendar

Everyone benefits from clear expectations. While this list will vary depending on your specific needs, here are some key items in a social media intern description. 

  • Create content calendars
  • Social strategy audits
  • Write and revise articles
  • Set up new social media pages and profiles
  • Curate content
  • Schedule posts on social media
  • Interact with social groups
  • Respond to comments
  • Create social media reports
  • Plan marketing campaigns

Skill Development

Internships are also about on-the-job training, so along with completing tasks, social media interns often complete digital marketing courses like the following:

  • Google Certification
  • Facebook Blueprint
  • Twitter Flight School 
  • Udemy Courses

In most cases, these courses are free. The internship simply needs to allow a certain number of hours for the social media intern to work on these certifications. 

Social Media Intern Salary

First of all, you should know that unpaid internships are on the decline. Depending upon the location and relevant laws, employers often have to prove that an unpaid internship is primarily benefiting the intern, not the company, for it to be considered legal. 

That said, the average social media intern salary was around $14 an hour in 2021, according to Ziprecruiter

Social media intern salary

Some geographic regions saw higher pay; others, lower. Keep in mind that internships are often expected to come with additional benefits, including:

  • On-the-job training
  • Networking opportunities
  • Mentorship
  • Company events 
  • Reference letters 
  • College credit 

If your social media intern wants to receive credit for his experience, he will be responsible for producing the necessary documentation and working with his college to determine guidelines. A supervisor may be required to verify hours worked or write a performance review. 

Social Media Intern Job Description Template

Your social media intern description must be tailored to your organization. We’ve provided a customizable template to get you started. 


ABC Company is hiring a motivated social media intern to join our team for a 3-month summer internship. This individual will work closely with our Social Media Manager, Content Creators, and Marketing Manager and contribute to the day-to-day success of our top brand channels, including Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. 

About Us

[tailor this section to showcase your unique values and history - show why the candidate should want to join your team!] 

ABC Company is a rapidly growing app development company based in Anywhere, USA. We pride ourselves on a collaborative team environment and are always on the lookout for growth-oriented professionals at every stage in their careers. 

Social Media Intern Responsibilities

This internship will be 30 hours per week during June-August of next year. During this time, the intern will be expected to assist the marketing team with multiple facets of our social media marketing campaigns, including: 

  • Updating our content calendar and social scheduling tools
  • Attending 2-3 industry events/month and posting live content from the events
  • Responding to comments on social posts in a timely and professional manner
  • Drafting copy for social media posts, to be approved by the social media manager 
  • Assist in the development of our new TikTok presence by pitching ideas for videos 
  • Generate analytics reports on our summer campaigns
  • Manage key hashtag campaigns 
  • Complete training modules throughout the summer to build proficiency 

Social Media Intern Skills and Education

  • Attention to detail is a must
  • High-level written communication skills
  • Demonstrates professionalism in all interactions with coworkers and the public
  • Facility with social media management tools 
  • Passionate about a career in social media marketing
  • Experience with Facebook Live, Instagram Reels, and TikTok videos 
  • Experience with Adobe Creative Suite a plus 
  • Candidates should be pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Communications, or a relevant field; recent graduates acceptable 
  • 0-3 years experience 

social media skills
Image source: Medium

Should You Hire a Social Media Intern in 2021?

Like the rest of the job market, internships are increasingly specialized and skills-focused. Rather than thinking of an intern as a catch-all for tasks that your regular team doesn’t have time for, ask yourself - what does a social media intern do?  

If your organization is enthusiastic about training the next generation of marketing professionals, developing connections with up-and-coming talent, and getting some help with your daily social tasks, then a social media intern is absolutely a great fit for you. 

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